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Welcome to Bedrijvencentrum Waasland.

We are centrally located in the Antwerp-Brussels-Ghent triangle and offer start-ups a range of services in modern office and business spaces. What’s more, we offer extremely interesting conditions, thus limiting your investment costs to a minimum and enabling you to fully dedicate yourself to your company’s core business. As a result, start-ups will find themselves in an atmosphere that is very propitious to growth from the onset.

Renting out offices is not our main activity, but the services that we provide are an important asset.  You can, for example, benefit from the interesting professional guidance and support of an experienced manager. He has a lot of experience and a great network to help newcomers on their way to properly developing their company. The secretariat is available every day from 8.30 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. to receive your guests, whether on the phone or at our nice reception desk.

Offices and know-how are not our only assets. All of our 44 office spaces (15 to 67.5 m²), our 4 halls (155 to 213 m²), our 7 storage rooms (11 to 32 m²) and our 3 meeting rooms are equipped with the most modern and innovative data and communication tools. This ensures that every company can always be reached in the most efficient way. You need not worry as an entrepreneur, as you will always be online on the information superhighway.

And speaking of highways... the ordinary highway is also an asset!  Not only are we in the centre of the economically interesting triangle made up of Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, but the most important traffic artery in this triangle runs right in front of our door. Your company is only a half-hour drive from Ghent or Antwerp with the E17 motorway. And following the opening of the new bridge in Temse, Brussels will also be only a stone's throw away.

As you can see, it is definitely worth your while to visit us on your search for a suitable space in order to find out more about our unique and strong offers and services.

We hope to see you soon,
Rudy Martens


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